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Free Global Delivery !

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Dear Customers, 
Thank you for all your queries about our shipping details. 
We ship free globally at this moment. 
There is no minimum purchase amount. 
However, if your purchase amount is above USD24, your parcel will shipped by Registered Shipment, parcel tracking is available. 

Shipment Method

Purchase Amount Shipment Type Parcel Tracking?
(No Minimum Purchase Amount)


(To letterbox, no one is required to receive your parcel.)

USD $24 / SGD S$30 / MYR RM75 / AUD AU$29 / GBP £15 / EURO €21 & Above


(To door, someone have to sign and receive your parcel.)


*Please note that we are unable to track or hold any responsibilities if parcels shipped under Normal Shipments are lost. 

If you require Express Shipment, please contact us, we will do special arrangement for you. However, Express Shipment will be charged by shipping agent. Express shipping charge varies, depending on the location you are based at. 

Thank you. 

Another frequently asked query is about shipment lead time. Please view below chart: 

Shipment Lead Time

Number Of Days Country
01 ~ 06 Days South Korea
03 ~ 09 Days Indonesia
  Taiwan / Myanmar
  Hong Kong / China
  Japan / Australia
05 ~ 12 Days  
  Russia / Macau / Sudan / Bulgaria / Cambodia
  USA / Canada / Sweden / France / UK / Greece
  UAE / North Africa / Nepal / Germany

Q: Can I make payment if I do not have a Paypal account? 
A: Yes, you can make payment without a Paypal account, using normal Debit or Credit Cards. Please opt for the following on the last page of check-out ~ 

If you have any further queries, please contact us here

Thank you

Please do contact us if your country is not listed, we will update you on the shipment leadtime to your destination (shipment is free as well). Thank you.